Thoughts about ready for development

Another day with several issues. We still have open points with our business. The BRD has parts in it which we can’t develop as expected. By the way BRD means Business Requirement Document.

What is the main problem with this document? Let’s start with one of the requirements. “I need a car”. Sure, we can build this. Yes we can do it.

After several months of development the team is coming up with a nice sports like car. The color the car was delivered is blue. But the business is not happy about this. It can just seat 2 people and has no trunk and where should sit my kids … you get the idea.

Where is the main problem? What went wrong? I believe it was mainly a communication problem. The business was not able to define clearly what they like to have. At least the were not able to define it sufficient for the development team. And the team thought they knew what to develop. Fun times. And for sure fun times to miss the point. What does the customer need?

To avoid situations like this there is a simple tool. Before the development team starts to develop they should consider a simple checklist. This checklist is called ‘Definition of Ready’ and contains basically the following points:

  • Story defined and written
  • Story traceable to source document (where appropriate)
  • Acceptance criteria defined
  • Dependencies identified
  • Size estimated by delivery team
  • User experience included (where appropriate)
  • Performance criteria identified (where appropriate)
  • Person who will accept the user story is identified
  • Team has a good idea about how to demo the user story

    Further links to elaborate on this:

    R. Pichler DoR

    K. Power DoR

    agilealliance DoR

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