Some thoughts about coding

I recently came across the following post: Learning to Code

There are some struggles described which I believe every programmer/developer/coder will at some point struggle with the points described there. There are several flame wars ongoing. Tabs/spaces, Emacs/Vi, Windows/Mac/Linux/Unix, SQL/Non SQL, etc.

You get the idea.

At some point in my career we had to change our mail software. The change was from ‘your choice’ to Lotus Notes. We had an uproar in our company. If we had to change then we should change to Outlook … ahmmmm or Thunderbird … ahmmm or other free software.

During one of this discussions one of my colleagues stated it simple: The company decided for Lotus Notes so we will use Lotus Notes. It is no way to waste our time in discussing this. And don’t forget every single alternative mail program has similar abilities. So why worry?

Several years later I have an idea why people get worried about changes: They have to leave their comfort zone and learn something new. This is a huge change in a company and affects in the way how we work. But just until we know our tools.

If I think back to the start of this post. Help with the struggle can be found in asking: What are the standards for the company I work for. It’s not depending on flame wars. It’s depending on how we can help to get more successful in our daily work at the place we work currently.