Fonts and Colors

Last week one of my class colleagues asked me why my Visual Studio environment was black. I told him because I like it. But perhaps the better answer is because I can do it.

With the color themes it is really easy to change the colors to a theme which you like. Not only the colors also the fonts can be changed. And if you are at this point … there will be many more possibilities to extend your IDE to your likings.

Pragmatic Thinking and Learning

After finishing the book Pragmatic Thinking and Learning I wrote the following mail to the Author Andy Hunt. Why? Because I think it is one of the best books to explore yourself in your work environment and it helps you to discover all around you.

Hello Andy,

I would like to thank you for writing the book ‘Pragmatic thinking and learning’ For me it was one of the most difficult book to read. I almost needed 7 months to read it. Usually I read a book with this amount of pages in a few days.

After finishing it I asked myself: “Why took this book so long to read?”

I’m not sure. But for me one of the last chapters was the essence of all let your thoughts marinate. You need time to digest the older thoughts. This is one point why I needed that amount of time. Another part was to try out several of the tips. Try it … wait some days look if it works. To what point led me this insights. Out of the no where came new thoughts play with the thoughts like a child. Run behind them like behind a butterfly and find the next thoughts …

You asked what worked best for me? I can’t say what worked best for me. Many of the points you cover in the book aren’t really new. For example drawing of Mind Map’s I learned some 20 years ago. Within the same time period I heard about R and L mode. But back them they were called Right and Left mode. I think that Linear and rich mode are the better explanations of this modes. And so on almost everything I heard somewhere in my career as Software Engineer. The main point for me is: you brought many of the topics in context together in one book.

Thank you again for a good extension of my ecocortex and to clarify some of the points I would have missed without reading this book.

Regards, Bernhard