The idea of the structured note taking with org-mode was depend on the following link The most impressive point was the structure which he uses as base for the notes. After short research I discovered that I have installed a very similar structure about 1 and 1/2 years ago. The bad thing is I have missed to use it completely. This leads me to a small improvement step: Use my structure and export all the needed information with c-c c-e h Simple expressed: this leads to an export as a html file. The next logical step for me was the creation of a page. On this page all my pages where linked together. What is missing now is a link or menu on every page. So that I can switch to other pages as I need them. Fun isn’t it?

Some days later I had do rename my The reason are very simple. Most start pages which are viewed through a web browser are called index.htm. So this is more a common way to name this proper.

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