Frames and EMACS

I’m a EMACS user since several years. And still there are features to (re)discover. Today I looked for a easy method to switch between frames. The obvious way is to use C-x 5 o. This is basically the same as C-x o to switch between windows.

In this stackoverflow questions is a package called framemove.el mentioned. If you install this you got as default key-bindings shift and arrow or meta and arrow to move between frames. I don’t think that this are very good bindings because shift and arrow is a way to mark some text and meta and arrow is to move a whole word at one time. I thing many windows user are trained to use this shortcuts on a daily base. I’m aware, that the same functionality in EMACS is bound to meta-f meta-b for movements between words and c-f and c-b to move for one character. But some muscle memory won’t be erased in a easy way

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